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رقم الإعلان: TV 3192
3,656,000 جنيه مصرى
الفيلات/تاون هاوس / للبيع
نوع الوحدة:
تاون هاوس
3,656,000 جنيه مصرى بالتقسيط
حالة التشطيب:
على المحارة
مساحة الأرض:
260 م2
مساحة المبنى:
266 م2
إجمالى عدد الطوابق:
عدد الغرف:
عدد دورات المياه:
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جنيه مصرى 3,656,000
جنيه مصرى 2,802,000
تاريخ الاستلام:
نوع الملكية:
آخر تحديث:
Mon 12 Mar 2018

تاون هاوس للبيع فى كمبوند ليان

مساحة الأرض: 260م
مساحة المبانى: 266م

نصف تشطيب
أستلام: 2018

France has always been a representation of luxury , elegance , beauty , music , art and love. Wandering the streets of Layan is a voyage. You’ll be exploring marvelous France in each bit of the compound; exploring the art essence of the famous artist Claude Monet , and the harmony tunes of La Vie En Rose by the magical voice Edith Piaf
With each morning in Layan , you’ll be waking up to a new lively experience of nature. As Layan’s landscape is designed to its elite’s favor of the natural French beauty , you’ll appreciate the Jardin a la Francais (The French garden style) in large areas of stunning greenery. You’ll be gazing at the exceptional gardens and parks of metropolitan and overseas France.
Living in Layan compound is not only a deluxe experience of living in the world’s class villas , but it’s also an opportunity to receive remarkable refined facilities and services. Layan is crafting its clubhouse the French way; a glamorous center of facilities and amenities defined by the historic elegance and luxury of Le Chateau de Versailles.


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