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احجز شقتك في المرحلة الجديدة في جولز

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B2B Real Estate
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B2B Real Estate
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2,031,379 جنيه مصرى بالتقسيط
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Tue 21 Mar 2017

Units Available for sale in the Unique compound JOULZ , 6th October

Joulz consists of 1 , 188 residential units containing an array of apartments , townhouses , twin houses , and stand-alone villas; all resplendently designed to be illuminated by natural light. Joulz has more than just artful homes; it creates a habitat of well being that its community deserves. Following an eco-friendly philosophy , all of the units in Joulz have been especially designed to provide the best of Egypt's climate , sunny days and cool air through greenery installed inside each home to acclimatize the temperature , keeping the air fresher and cleaner. A healthy glow is retained through the dedicated jogging and bicycle lanes surrounding the vast verdure between the residential areas , providing the chance to practice healthier daily habits that are hard to sustain in the city. Apart from unmatched views
and vast landscapes , Joulz possesses a fully equipped clubhouse , two professional sport's fields , and many lively children's playgrounds , among other facilities that serve its distinguished community. The name Joulz is appropriated from Joules , the unit used to measure photons , the fundamental particle of light-without which life would not be sustainable. On that premise , Joulz' architecture harnesses this light to transport its community from the smog of the city to radiance , doing so by integrating natural elements inside each home to create a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

As a subsidiary of INERTIA Holding Group , we boast about the fanciful ambiance and top standards of living that we provide across all of our properties. Other developments of ours include but are not limited to , Medi-point , West Hills , G Cribs , Soleya and Brix.