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Administrative Building For Sale Or Rent In 90th Street Bua 8000 m2

Reference: GB 16554
Alaa Farouk
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Offices / Sale or Rent
300,000,000 Cash
Price / Sqm:
37,500 Per Sqm
Finishing Status:
Core & Shell
8000 M2
No of Floors:
The type of ownership:
Last Updated:
Thu 15 Jun 2017

Real Estate Egypt , Real Estate Cairo , New Cairo , Administrative building 90th street
Administrative building for sale in 90th street 5th settlement
in the administrative area in 90th street
Basement + ground + 6 typical floors and roof
Basement bua 2900 m2 divided to luxury entrance from Italian granite , 3 Schindler elevator , basement accommodate 90 cars and storage rooms
Ground floor bua 1140 m2 flat slab
6 typical floors bua 6840 m2 , each one 1140 m2 , Each floor has a ladies' bathroom , a men's bathroom , a kitchen room , an electric room , an air-conditioning room , an IT room , a computer , an Internet and the rest of the flat. It is divided according to demand for 13 managed offices and an open space for 82 employees and 2 meeting rooms.
The 7th floor (Roof) above the ground contains a closed area of 320 square meters can be exploited as the head office of the company in addition to its secretarial and attached to the roof garden and open terraces and pergolas with a surface of 550 m 2 or according to the design required

Wonderful design in the ground floor contains a water waterfall and lake of industrial water in the center of land scape and plantations with an external flat overlooking the back façade is used in outdoor sessions of the cafeteria

Specifications of the building:

Finishes and technical specifications

- Completion of the entire concrete structure and all exterior facades Natural marble finishes Mechanical installation by the largest Turkish companies specialized in this field.

- Completed the supply and installation of 2 ladders to serve all the roles of the finest types of granite built completely short.

- Completion of the entire basement floor and finishing of all finishes Epoxy floors in the entire garage (for parking) lighting , surveillance cameras , fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing system.

- The work of aluminum SCHUCO - Germany has been completed and imported double heat insulating glass

- Hitachi Central Air Conditioning Plant (HVAC) has been completed with Japanese natural gas Hitachi (a system that provides operating expenses for the use of gas as an alternative to electricity) with a control system in each role and internal control units are installed for rooms and open spaces by design Approved

- Advanced fire alarm and fire extinguishing system have been completed in all floors and garage.

- Finished all fire resistant doors supply France Metal

- Integrated ventilation system in all roles with natural and mechanical ventilation of the garage.

- Fire tank under the ground with a room equipped with fire pumps according to international standards.

- 3 Schindler - Germany with the latest equipment to collect orders and to meet the nearest request with the equipment and emergency batteries in the event of power outages , the supply and installation by the company.
- Electricity generator works in case of power outage to cover the building.
- Completion of the external cleaning system for the external facade works electrically.
- Completion of the entire electrical system (converter , switches , medium and low distribution board)
- Smoke suction fans operated automatically with fire alarm.

- The height of the ceilings ground floor 3.50 m , repeated roles 3.25 m with all the roles of natural lighting of all the office space and is delivered to the building Core and Shell